Sold Out series 3 modern Triang Minic Items

At long last here is the start of the Sold Out list of Triang Minic Series 3 items.

P612 Cargo Ship in Maersk Livery

P614 in P & O Corn livery

P615 in Blue Star livery

P624 Container ship in Maersk Livery

P625  in Hamburg Sud livery

P626 in China Shipping

P627  in CMA livery

P800-68 Nimitz class w planes USS Nimitz

P800-69  as Dwight Eisenhower

P800-73 as George Washington

P800-76 as Ronald Reagan

P730 F237 HMS Westminster type 23.

P730-236 HMS Montrose

P730-235 HMS Monmouth

P730-234 HMS Iron Duke

P700-05 HMS Invincible

P700-06  HMS Illustrious

P700-07 HMS Ark Royal

M83      Customs Sheds

M840 Warehouses

HMS Exeter Type 42 destroyer D89

HMS Nottingham D91

HMS Glasgow D88


updated in September  2019

NB the occasional ship does emerge from a box or a recess and then of course we list it on this site.